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Central Asian desert

The Geo Quiz visits a Central Asian country that features a rocky, flat desert and considers the Akhal Teke horse a national emblem. Do you know the name the desert that covers much of Turkmenistan?


Jim Steele

Journalist Jim Steele talks about why Monsanto, the world's largest seed company, has taken to patrolling small-town America in search of farmers who are violating its genetically-modified seed patents.


Diet for a Dying Planet

Environmental activist and physicist Vandana Shiva talks global food politics with Living on Earth's Steve Curwood. Shiva is editor of the new book, "Manifestos on the Future of Food and Seed," which advocates local, organic and diverse food production.


Diamonds to rice

An NGO teams up with Sierra Leonians to rebuild their war torn country, planting rice fields where once lay the remnants of conflict diamond mining. Host Bruce Gellerman speaks with Darci Glass-Royale, executive director of FESS, the Foundation for Environmental Security and Sustainability, and Daniel Gbondo, a Sierra Leonian who works for FESS.


Healthy food

Some scientists say the best place to grow the next generation of pharmaceutical drugs is within food crops. Living on Earth's Helen Palmer talks with Steve Curwood on recent scientific advancements in all things food and pharma.