Oliver's TRavels offering rain-free weddings

Oliver's Travels

“The clouds will burst and disappear before the big day.”

That’s what Natasja Rasmussen from the British travel firm Oliver’s Travels says her company can do to guarantee clients a rain-free wedding.

Oliver's Travels says it'll provide all the equipment needed — including a plane, pilots and meteorologists — to make sure everything is just right so brides and grooms can have that dream, dry wedding.

“It’s a three-week project all up,” explains Rasmussen. “[The company] sends over a meteorologist and a pilot along with the aircraft.”

The company uses silver iodide to “seed” the clouds — the compound allows the water vapor in the clouds to condense, and then produces rain.

Once the rain has fallen, the clouds dissipate.

The company currently offers the service for certain venues in France, and hopes to bring it to the UK. The luxury wedding travel planners charge $150,000 for the service.

But the company says it can guarantee success — unless a natural disaster such as a hurricane happens.

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