There are reports emerging that an American aid worker has been killed in Syria.

The SITE Intelligence group which tracks extremists' activity says the Islamic State sent a tweet claiming the woman was killed in a Jordanian airstrike in the besieged Syrian city of Raqqa.

"We have not at this time seen any evidence that corroborates ISIL’s claim," Bernadette Meehan, spokeswoman for the White House National Security Council, was quoted as saying by Reuters.

UPDATE: 02/06/15 4:15 PM ET

Every Islamic State execution is a public spectacle. But you'll never see most of them

From GlobalPost's Timothy McGrath's recent analysis:

While Jordanians and the world mourn al-Kassasbeh, it's worth reflecting on a pattern that's perhaps even more troubling: For every high-profile hostage who's been forced to wear the now iconic orange jumpsuit and die in front of an HD camera, hundreds of other victims in Syria and Iraq have been executed, monitors and witnesses say.

When GlobalPost correspondent Tracey Shelton reported this summer from northern Iraq, she met many Yazidis, members of a minority religious group that IS considers infidels, who told her stories of mass public executions of men and enslavement of women during IS's August assault against Yazidi towns around Mount Sinjar.

IS itself promotes news of many of the killings, which are less visible to Western audiences but no less designed to function as public spectacles.

UPDATE: 02/06/15 3:50 PM ET

Jordan says it's skeptical its planes killed US hostage

Reuters — Jordan said on Friday it was highly skeptical about claims by Islamic State that an American woman held hostage by the militants in Syria had been killed in a bombing raid by Jordanian fighter jets.

"We are looking into it but our first reaction is that we think it is illogical and we are highly skeptical about it... It's part of their criminal propaganda," government spokesman Mohammad Momani said.

"How could they identify Jordanian war planes from a huge distance in the sky? What would an American woman be doing in a weapons warehouse?" he added.

Jordan said on Friday it had carried out a second straight day of airstrikes on Islamic State militants to avenge the death of a captured Jordanian pilot who was burned alive by the group.

UPDATE: 02/06/15 2:55 PM ET

Protests in Jordan

Thousands in Jordan participated in demonstrations today in show of solidarity for Maaz al-Kassasbeh, the Jordanian pilot who was killed by IS militants.

UPDATE: 02/06/15 1:36 PM ET

After a series of defeats, the Islamic State resorts to shock tactics

GlobalPost's Richard Hall reports:

The killing of hostage Maaz al-Kassasbeh by the Islamic State was different from others that came before it, but the motivation was the same.

A video released on Tuesday appears to show the Jordanian air force pilot being burned alive in a locked cage by the group’s fighters.

The cameraman zooms in to show his last seconds. There is a reason that al-Kasaesbeh was killed in such a theatrical and sadistic manner.

It’s comforting to tell ourselves, in the face of such brutality, that the Islamic State (IS) is becoming weaker. It also happens to be true.

UPDATE: 02/06/15 1:28 PM ET

White House says no evidence yet American hostage killed in airstrike

Reuters — The White House said on Friday that it could not confirm reports that an American hostage had been killed in an airstrike in Syria as claimed by Islamic State.

"We are obviously deeply concerned by these reports. We have not at this time seen any evidence that corroborates ISIL’s claim," said Bernadette Meehan, spokeswoman for the White House National Security Council, in a statement

UPDATE: 02/06/15 12:40 PM ET

IS says American aid worker killed

Islamic State militants released her name but GlobalPost will not be naming her until her death is confirmed.

This is a developing story — we will update when more details become available.

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