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These ladies love the Israel Defense Forces this much

As the civilian death toll in Palestine continues to soar, Israel's army seems to be losing friends by the minute. The ones it apparently still has, meanwhile, are engaging in some questionable activism. 

The "Standing With IDF" Facebook page says it is fighting for the Israeli front. "You’ll guard on top, we’ll guard your bottoms! We will win this battle of beauty for you." It's kind of a non-sequiter but we think we get it.

It is nothing if not uncomfortable to discuss erotic selfies in the same breath as the horrors continuing to take place in Israel and Gaza. But that is exactly what the page's creator Gavriel Beyo, 27, who lives in Tel Aviv, would have us do.

“Everything related to Israel lately is labeled very grim, " he told the Daily Beast. "[These pictures] can serve as an ease.” 

Something like that. Most of the photos show women with "I [heart] IDF" written somewhere on their bodies. The page so far has nearly 30,000 likes since it was established just last week. 

According to Haaretz, the social media campaign has gotten mixed reviews. One fan of the Facebook page said, "I must admit, I am a great fan of this page… You have found the way to give our soldiers the most uplifting present without even leaving the house."

But another said, "I don't want to bum you out, but wow — bad idea."

The "Standing With IDF" campaign references another, more clothed social media effort started by Stand With US, a nonprofit in support of Israel.

Their campaign called on people around the world to write "I stand with Israel" on the palm of their hand and photograph it next to their passport.

You can see all 900 submissions on their Flickr album.

Then, as Mashable charts, the hashtag #IStandWithPalestine showed up in response on Instagram.