Given all the images of war these days, it can be challenging to really stop and look at any one single photo. 

But every once in a while there's a picture that makes you do just that.

Since violence has erupted again between Israel and Gaza, Palestinian photographer Belal Khaled has taken to turning pictures of the clouds from Israeli airstrikes into works of art.

The images are simple but extremely touching.  

They conjure memories from childhood. Remember lying on your back staring up at the sky, seeing what you will in the clouds above. Young Palestinians, forced into a loss of innocence through no actions of their own, stare at very different clouds these days.

Imagine a young Palestinian, or Israeli for that matter, looking out at the horizon and seeing yet another cloud of dust rising to the sky after yet another bombing. What is that young person thinking? How scared is he? To where might she want to be whisked away?

What do you see in the clouds?

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