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People love to watch this Japanese politician crying hysterically


Japanese politician Ryutaro Nonomura crying hysterically while being questioned about misusing public funds.

It is an Oscar-worthy performance.

Japanese politician Ryutaro Nonomura was questioned Tuesday over his use of public funds to make no fewer than 195 trips to four hot springs resorts in one year — all without producing a single receipt.  

His response will give your 2-year-old nephew a run for his money in the tantrum department:

Nonomura, who was elected to the assembly in Hyogo Prefecture, western Japan, in 2011, is suspected of misusing three million yen ($30,000) of official allowances.

He admits to taking the trips to the hot springs, but says he can't tell who he met there and also he forgets how to get to one that he visited 106 times. This guy is a piece of work. 

Between guttural sobs and high-pitched shrieks, Nonomura tries to find the words:

"Whoever you voted for, it was always the same…. I decided to become a political candidate….this Japan…this Japan…I just wanted to change the world…the ageing of society…it's not just a problem of our prefecture…it's a problem for the Japanese people…I've staked my life…you just don't understand, do you?"

The video of his performance has gone viral, with at least one version getting 2 million hits by Thursday afternoon, according to Hollywood Reporter. Talk shows in Japan were playing it on a loop and netizen feedback has been predictably ruthless.

Here it is with English subtitles:

And here it is turned into an emo song: