Think your commute's bad? Try navigating through a herd of stampeding ducks.

It happened to one guy and his friend in a Thai village west of Bangkok, where 100,000 ducks on the loose took over a rural roadway one morning.


Jack Sarathat told the Bangkok Post he couldn't do much but stop and watch while driving through Nakhon Pathom on his way to work.


He looks like he has the same questions many of us do.

Why are there so many ducks? Where are they going? And why are they in such a hurry?!?!

"I'm not sure why these ducks are in revolt," Saranthat says to a passenger in the video posted to YouTube and elsewhere, as translated by the Bangkok Post. "You can see the great mass of ducks swarming on the road. They have now occupied the area entirely."

Impressively, the birds appear to move in sync and even stop all together at one point. Like there's a traffic light or something.


Watch and enjoy:

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