Whoa, pretty sure stairs aren't supposed to move like this.

If you've ever attended a professional sporting event, you know the sweaty, claustrophic mess that is thousands and thousands of fans riding escalators, descending stairs, getting on trains, walking to cars. You worry about the absolutely nightmare way-to-go that is "crush death."

Now take all that unpleasantness and put it on this outrageously wobbly staircase at the Maracana stadium in Rio, which began shaking ominously beneath the feet of several thousand fans exiting the match between Argentina and Bosnia-Herzogovina.

"An accident waiting to happen" is a term that gets thrown around a lot about things that aren't actually accidents waiting to happen. But in this case, really, the staircase is an accident waiting to happen. 

The BBC visited the staircase to check things out. It was pretty bad. Like, kid-made-a-bird-feeder-at-camp bad. 


An engineer with Brazil's Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy admitted, "The structure does not have an adequate amount of stiffness."

Oh, really. 

Reportedly, the World Cup organizing committee is on it. 

So fear not, World Cup goers. The staircase will soon "shake less."

(h/t/ Mashable)

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