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Two minutes with the 'real' Jon Snow (at the real Winterfell)


William Kells poses as Jon Snow from HBO's Game of Thrones and guides tours of Castle Ward, the setting for Winterfell.


Greg Brosnan

Editor's note: This is part of the regular GlobalPost series 60 Seconds on Earth, where our correspondents in the field produce video snapshots of the places and people that we find important, impressive, crazy or just unmistakably cool. Here’s a recent installment on a Filipino tour guide's hilarious protest against the power of the Catholic Church.

COUNTY DOWN, Northern Ireland — The real-life setting for Winterfell in HBO's Game of Thrones is taking advantage of its star turn. Castle Ward now plays host to busloads of tourists eager to visit the House of Stark. There to guide them is the castle's own Jon Snow. William Kells looks nothing like Kit Harrington, the actor who plays Stark's bastard son. But what he lacks in resemblance he makes up for in enthusiasm.