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Watch this grateful doggie get rescued from a mudslide

OK here's what you need to do if you are ever caught in a mudslide and then trapped under some rubble for more than 18 hours: just keep barking. 

That's what this little guy did and it served him well.

After an avalanche set the mountainside in motion in northwestern Guatemala last week, much of Joya Grande village was buried under mud and debris. Dozens of people died.

This puppy, now called "el Afortunado," or "The Lucky One," never gave up hope. He just kept barking.

"We were looking for people and always, always was this faint sound, like a permanent rapping or tapping," Jose Guerdola, a rescue worker, told media.

"We assumed it was someone trapped in a cellar who was hitting a pipe. ... as we got closer we realized it was the barking of a dog," he said.

"When we broke through to where he was he jumped into our arms and licked our faces."

It's a pretty moving video. A bit like a birth with a shovel instead of forceps. And a lot of extra mud.

El Afortunado is OK, for those of you wondering. He suffered from dehydration and mild shock right after his rescue, but now he's all good and you can even adopt him if you want!