Music heard on The World's 'Beautiful Show' for June 9, 2014

The World Cup, Brazil and lots of great music!
These are the tracks played throughout our "Beautiful Show" for Monday, June 9, 2014:

Los Macuanos    SONG:  Las Memorias del Faro
    ARTIST: Los Macuanos
    CD TITLE: El Origen
    CD LABEL: Nacional Records


Da Cruz    SONG:  Cansado de São Paulo
    ARTIST: Da Cruz
    CD TITLE: Disco E Progresso
    CD LABEL: Boom Jah Records


Sound Effects Brazil    SONG: Injeção
    ARTIST: Deise Tigrona
    CD TITLE: Sound Effects Brazil
    CD LABEL: Mr Bongo

Friends from Rio Project    SONG: Anthemia Feat. Joao Coutinho
    ARTIST: Friends from Rio Project
    CD TITLE: Far Out presents The Friends from Rio Project 2014
    CD LABEL: Far Out Recordings


Essential Modern Bossa Nova    SONG:  Blackbossa
    ARTIST: DJ Bitman
    CD TITLE: Essential Modern Bossa Nova
    CD LABEL: Nacional Records