Day 1,177: 2 excellent pieces about the current state of the Syrian conflict


A Syrian army soldier makes his way in a tunnel reportedly previously used by rebel fighters in Jobar.


Joseph Eid

Today is Day 1,177 of the Syria conflict.

In the news today: 

- Hillary Clinton says in her memoir that she wanted to arm Syria's moderate rebels, and Obama overruled her. Make of that what you will.

- Amnesty International reports that jihadist rebel group ISIS killed seven children among the 15 civilians the group killed in northern Syria on May 29. This was not a case of crossfire. "Most of the victims had been shot in the head."


There are two great pieces out today on the Syria conflict. One comes from The Economist, covering "why Bashar Assad is still in charge," what sort of effect the increased Western assistance is having, and how the extremist groups figure into the problem. The other is from Abu Dhabi-based English-language publication The National, where Colin Randall offers a detailed look from Marseille at the challenges of tracking Western fighters in Syria and effectively managing the threat they present to their home countries. Both are well worth adding to your weekend reading list.

The conflict continues.