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GlobalPost wins the prestigious Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for 'Myanmar Emerges'


The world news site GlobalPost has been honored once again for its multimedia series “Myanmar Emerges.”

BOSTON, MA — May 16, 2014 — The world news site GlobalPost has been honored as the recipient of a 2014 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for its multimedia series “Myanmar Emerges.”  GlobalPost received the award, which is given to work that provides “insights into the causes, conditions, and remedies of human rights violations and injustice, and critical analyses of the movements that foster positive global change,” in the New Media category.

“When you receive a call from Ethel Kennedy telling you that your work is ‘amazing,’ it is a special career moment,” said GlobalPost Editor Thomas Mucha. “And to have our team’s work recognized for being in the spirit of Robert Kennedy's dedication to human rights and social justice is extraordinarily humbling. We are particularly honored to be recognized for our work in Myanmar, which we believe continues to warrant the world’s attention on the progress of reforms there.”

GlobalPost's year-long investigation of Myanmar's emergence onto the global scene takes a hard look beyond the fairy tale narrative of a reform movement with uncompromising reporting on how decades of oppression are casting a long shadow on the country’s economy and people. Working closely with Senior Video Producer Solana Pyne and Senior Editor David Case, Senior Correspondent Patrick Winn and videographer Jonah Kessel traveled from the restive opium dens of Kachin State, to the bustling malls and busy recording studios of Yangon and booming copper mines of Kyisintaung Mountain to reveal the promise and peril of the rise of this formerly isolated country. Also on the RFK award-winning team for ‘Myanmar Emerges’ were GlobalPost’s Senior Editor David Case and Senior Video Producer Solana Pyne. 

The entire reporting project is available here: The announcement by the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights can be found at:

GlobalPost has previously received a number of prestigious journalism awards for its work, including the Peabody Award, the Polk Award, 2 Edward R. Murrow Awards, the Overseas Press Club Award and more than 30 Society of Business Editors and Writers Awards for business coverage.