Music heard on the air for April 14, 2014

The songs played between reports on The World for April 14, 2014 include:

Hassan Hakmoun   SONG: Baniyi (My Son)
   ARTIST: Hassan Hakmoun
   CD TITLE: Unity
   CD LABEL: Real World

KPM   SONG: Heavy Stakeout
   CD TITLE: New York Trouble/Electric Progression
   CD LABEL: Tummy Touch


La Chiva Gantiva   SONG: Estrenando
   ARTIST: La Chiva Gantiva
   CD TITLE: Vivo
   CD LABEL: Crammed Discs


TriBeCaStan   SONG: Blame it on the Moon
   ARTIST: TriBeCaStan
   CD TITLE: New Songs from the Old Country
   CD LABEL: Evergreene Music


She'Koyokh   SONG: Hora De La Munte
   ARTIST: She'Koyokh
   CD TITLE: Wild Goats and Unmarried Women
   CD LABEL: Riverboat Records