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Pope Francis, again with the selfies

What better way to kick off Easter week than taking a selfie with some of your most devoted fans? If you're the pope, that is.

Pope Francis celebrated Palm Sunday in style with some 100,000 pilgrims in St. Peter's Square.

The head of the Roman Catholic Church led a traditional procession of palms along with scores of cardinals, bishops and priests. 

After mass, the 77-year-old pontiff hopped in his open-top popemobile and took a spin through the crowd, takin' selfies, kissin' babies and sippin' mate offered by a pilgrim.

In his homily, in which the Argentinian pontiff asked: "Where is my heart? ... Am I like Judas? Capable of betraying Jesus, (or) like the disciples who, understanding nothing, slept while he was suffering?"

Francis urged the faithful to ask themselves if they were like "the other disciples who wanted to resolve everything by the sword," or "like Judas, who pretended to love Jesus, kissing him before betraying him." 

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Agence France-Presse contributed to this report.