A woman in Brazil was robbed on live TV while giving an interview about robberies in Brazil (VIDEO)

Police in Rio de Janeiro are getting pretty nervous about safety at this summer's World Cup.

Protesters are in the streets and crime has gotten so bad that the Brazilian army is now occupying slums and battling a low-level insurgency there. Authorities are coming up with all sorts of crime-fighting technologies — everything from surveillance drones to bomb-sniffing robots — that will hopefully keep the World Cup murder rate in check. (We have more on this here.)

And so it's fitting that the internet gives us this video today, in which a woman in Rio is robbed in daylight on live TV while speaking to a reporter about robberies and inadequate policing.

The thief succeeded in tearing away the woman's necklace but dropped it while fleeing.

No word on whether surveillance drones have identified his location.

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