Music heard on the air for April 7, 2014

The songs played between reports on The World for April 7, 2014 include:

Nistha Raj    SONG: Jayanthi
    ARTIST: Nistha Raj
    CD TITLE: Exit 1
    CD LABEL: Nistha Raj

Reggae Nacional    SONG: De Donde Vengo Yo (unreleased instrumental)
    ARTIST: Choc Quib Town
    CD TITLE: Reggae Nacional
    CD LABEL: Nacional Records


Okay, I cheated a bit on the next piece of music. We spoke with an author of lullabies from around the globe and we're asking you to sing us your favorite lullaby. I opted to play this song by The Cure for the musical interlude.

The Cure    SONG:Lullaby
    ARTIST: The Cure
    CD TITLE: Disintegration
    CD LABEL: Rhino/Elektra