A massive German container ship just ran aground in Hong Kong (VIDEO)



Corinne Vigniel

Today Hong Kong residents were treated to the insane spectacle of a 633-foot container ship headed straight for shore.

Around 3:21 p.m. local time, the massive vessel collided with a sea wall near the Stanley Ho Sports Center in the residential area of Pok Fu Lam. But thankfully no one was hurt, as the captain had dropped anchor to slow the ship down.

The Hansa Constitution — a German-registered shipping vessel — was traveling in the East Lamma Channel en route to nearby Shenzhen, China. But heavy monsoon winds combined with engine failure likely threw it off course, reports the South China Morning Post.

Here's a clear video taken by one local resident. 

And here's another, set to dreamy music. 

Hat Tip: gCaptain