OK, this kid is really cute and he definitely has some amazing dance moves (best robot this side of the Ural Mountains).

But there's something else going on here. Young Zhang Junhao from Shandong province knows something no 3-year-old should know. He knows how to play people.

Watch him audition on the Chinese version of the TV show "America's Got Talent," called "Amazing Chinese":

He's got the judges eating out of the palm of his hand and an entire audience swooning.

It's not just those moves, which are ridiculously cute, that captivate. It's his posture and rhetoric, which suggest a much older kid trapped in a little dude's body.

And no wonder, he tells the judges he dances on the plaza everyday with his family and he's been doing that since he could walk. It's a livelihood as much as a pastime.

But when asked why he dances: "When I dance, my mom laughs. My mom says laughing is happiness."

When asked what his dream is: "My dream is to make people happy because I am happy. Are you happy?"

Well played, little Junhao. You are far too young to have to perfect a livelihood, but you're very good at it all the same.

Hat tip, Shanghaiist.

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