Day 1,105: Syrian rebels reach the sea

Today is Day 1,105 of the Syria conflict.

Remember the seaside village mentioned yesterday, that rebels were struggling to take? They took it.

"This is the first area of coast in Syria to be liberated," said one fighter in the announcement video posted online, according to Reuters. The individuals in the video bore the banner of the Islamist Ansar al-Sham brigade.

This is the second rebel victory in Latakia this week, the first having been the Armenian town of Kasab on Monday. The Guardian says the opposition in Latakia is now closing in on Bashar al-Assad's home town of Qardaha, as well as the port city of Latakia which gives the governorate its name.

The New York Times today reports that CIA director John Brennan has expressed concern "about the use of Syrian territory by the Al Qaeda organization." 

The conflict continues.