Music heard on the air for March 18, 2014

SONG: Tounkan Remix 
ARTIST: Captain Planet
CD TITLE: Sembeh Ma Fe Fe - Roots Volume
CD LABEL: Stronghold Sound Presents
SONG: Café Con Leche 
ARTIST: Adrian Raso and Fanfare Ciocarlia
CD TITLE: Devil's Tale
LABEL: Asphalt Tango Records
SONG: Pearl
ARTIST: Boris Kovač & La Campanella
CD TITLE: Eastern Moon Rising
CD LABEL: Riverboat Records/World Music Network
SONG: Lightning
ARTIST: Mirageman
CD TITLE: Thunder and Lightning
CD LABEL: Irma Records
SONG: Lost in the Shuffle
ARTIST: Shawn Lee
CD TITLE: Synthesizers in Space