Januka Rasaeli in the fields

Multimedia reporter Sonia Narang films Januka Rasaeli working on her farm in Nepal. Januka is seven months pregnant and spends much of the day doing manual labor.


Sonia Narang

This week, reporter Sonia Narang kicked off our Ninth Month series with a look at the experiences of pregnant women in rural Nepal. Expectant mothers there often perform strenuous tasks that put them and their unborn children at risk. Sonia spent three weeks in Nepal reporting on maternal health issues.

On Tuesday, Sonia joined The World on Facebook for a live Q&A, where she answered questions about Januka Rasaeli, the 28-year-old profiled in her story, and about maternal health conditions in Nepal's remote villages:



If you missed the Q&A, you can continue the conversation by joining our Ninth Month Facebook group, a community dedicated to broader discussions of pregnancy and childbirth around the world. Over the next few months, the group will tackle topics like communication during pregnancy, medical innovations in the developing world, social stigma, and how culture affects the experience of pregnancy across the globe. 

Our Ninth Month series will continue at least through April, and we're still collecting story ideas. Do you have an idea for our series? Fill out the form below and tell us what issues you'd like us to examine.

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