As you may have gathered, those of us here at Afropop are pretty overwhelming excited about this Friday (Feb 21). “Why?” you might ask. Well, this Friday just so happens to be the Afropop sponsored US Premiere of Coz Ov Moni 2: FOKN revenge, the latest piece of cinematic rabble-rousing from Ghana’s FOKN Bois. The films (we’re screening both Part 1 and 2) will start at 9:00 PM at Cantina Royal, 58 N 3rd St, Brooklyn.

Want to come? Willing to pay the low low price of FREE? Well- you can (and should!) RSVP now. It’s free (we may have mentioned that before)- and spots are going FAST.

Need a bit more encouragement? Check out the trailer. Or listen to the soundtrack.