The French press corps went to the White House and acted like total teenagers

"Hi mom!" French journalist Thomas Wieder and his colleagues take selfies in the Oval Office.
Credit: Thomas Wieder/Twitter

PARIS, France – On this side of the Atlantic, it's American visitors who have a reputation for being easily impressed (that and the fanny packs). We, your European hosts, pride ourselves on retaining our cool in the face of your childlike enthusiasm for our monuments — and none more so than the French, who have to put up with higher numbers of excited tourists than possibly anyone else.

Just imagine, then, how mortifying it was for those back in France to see the nation's journalists epically losing their calm when faced with a visit to the White House. Their antics even earned them a telling-off from exasperated West Wing staff.

Funny hats on the front lawn. Video games in the briefing room. Selfies in the Oval Office. Here's the story of a working visit that was more like a school trip.


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