Music played between segments on The World for February 7, 2014 include:

SONG: Horizons
ARTIST: Afrolicious
CD TITLE: California Dreaming
CD LABEL: Afrolicious Music


SONG: Sunrise
ARTIST: Dave Sharp's Secret 7
CD TITLE: Worlds
CD LABEL: Vortex Jazz Recording


SONG: Thicker Than Hookah Smoke
ARTIST: The Spy from Cairo
CD TITLE: Arabadub
CD LABEL: Wonder Wheel Recordings



And these two Russian songs now that the Winter Olympics in Sochi are officially underway:

SONG: Rock version of the Russian National Anthem
ARTIST: Lube (You Tube)

SONG: Neizyasnimoe
ARTIST: Yuri Morozov (You Tube)

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