The London tube strike is bringing out the best (worst) in people


Commuters crowd on to a tube at Oxford Street station on Feb. 5, 2014, in London.


Dan Kitwood

There's nothing like a public transportation strike to bring a city together.

Like, literally. Everyone's standing together on train platforms in London because the tube isn't running.

London Underground workers began a series of strikes on Wednesday over plans to close ticket offices on the subway train system.

Prime Minister David Cameron has branded the strikes as "shameful." The 4 million people affected by the strike have called it some other words too.

The London Times is collecting photos of the transport misery — which could last until the strike ends on Thursday evening — on Facebook.

The #tubestrike hashtag on Twitter and Instagram is full of gripes, wisecracks and photos of strangers getting closer than they ever imagined.

Here are some greatest hits:


These photos of "updated" public message boards are almost certainly hoaxes, but of course that is stopping no one from sharing.