Music heard on the air for January 28, 2014

Songs played between segments on The World for Tuesday, January 28, 2014 include:

Fat Freddy's Drop

SONG: Bohannon
ARTIST: Fat Freddy's Drop
CD TITLE: Blackbird
CD LABEL: The Drop


Dave Sharp's Secret 7

SONG: Sherehe
ARTIST: Dave Sharp's Secret 7
CD TITLE: Worlds
CD LABEL: Vortez Jazz Recording


Rough Guide to Arabic Cafe

SONG: Isfahan
ARTIST: Daramad
CD TITLE: The Rough Guide to Arabic Café (2nd edition)
CD LABEL: World Music Network


David Maxwell Blues in Other Colors

SONG: Movin' On
ARTIST: David Maxwell
CD TITLE: Blues in Other Colors
CD LABEL: Blue Duchess Records


And we played this track in honor of Pete Seeger who died at 94.

Pete Seeger A Link in the Chain

SONG: Coal Creek March
ARTIST: Pete Seeger
CD TITLE: A Link in the Chain
CD LABEL: Columbia Legacy