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Superpower of the Year


Harry Potter's Cloak of Invisibility in action.

And the GlobalPost 2013 End of the Year Award for Best Superpower goes to: being invisible.

You gotta see it to believe it. Except wait.

This year scientists came one step closer to creating a true "Cloak of Invisibility," a la Harry Potter. They really did.

A University of Texas research team developed an ultra-thin material called a "metascreen," which can hide 3D objects in microwave light.

So, it's tiny and it only works in a certain kind of light, but we'd rather focus on the fact that it renders things invisible from all vantage points provided those first conditions are met.

All of this means that it is no longer so crazy to think about a human-sized cape that could one day make a person completely invisible in broad daylight.

The metascreen is made up of strips of copper tape attached to a flexible polycarbonate film, and it works by scattering and canceling out incoming waves.

The researchers were able to use the cloak to shield an 18 centimeter-tall cylindrical rod from microwaves.

Yo, what up.