In New York City, a fitting tribute to Nelson Mandela (VIDEO)


Mandela casts his vote in South Africa's first democratic and all-race general elections, April 27, 1994. The day is now celebrated in South Africa as Freedom Day.



NEW YORK — More than 2,000 mourners paid tribute to the life of Nelson Mandela at the Riverside Church on Wednesday, December 11, 2013.

The service was at times somber and joyous and punctuated with singing, African drumming and dance.

Speakers included clergy such as the Reverends Calvin Butts, Al Sharpton, Michael Waldron, James Forbes, Stephen Phelps and Iman Feisal Abdul Farouk.

Here are some video highlights:

Mandela Memorial Riverside Church 12-11-13 from Melvin MCCRAY on Vimeo.