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Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford caught in new video rant

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford yells at reporters to get off his driveway on October 31, 2013.
Credit: Screengrab

New video has emerged that shows embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford threatening to kill someone in a drunken, expletive-laced tirade.

Calling the outburst "a mistake," Ford told a crush of reporters outside his office on Thursday that the entire incident was extremely embarrassing.

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"Obviously, I was extremely, extremely inebriated," he said within minutes of the video being made public.

"I've made mistakes. I don't know what to say."

The context of the video is unknown and it's unclear who the target of Ford's wrath is.

The video, which lasts about a minute, shows Ford pacing around angrily in what appears to be a living room.

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"I'm going to kill that f*ing guy. I'm telling you, it's first-degree murder," he says. "I'll fight him. No holds barred, brother. He dies or I die, brother."

The new video appears a week after police said they had obtained another video that appears to show Ford smoking a crack pipe.

Ford admitted to smoking crack Tuesday.

He has refused to resign, despite heightened calls for him to do so, but did say he would not use crack cocaine again.

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