Music Heard on Air for October 30, 2013

Tunes spun on The World between our reports on Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2013 include The Spy from Cairo, Raya Brass Band, RJD2, World Kora Trio, Mona and Maria and Soul Brothers.

SONG: Sons of Hannibal
ARTIST: The Spy from Cairo
CD TITLE: Arabadub
CD LABEL: Wonder Wheel Recordings

SONG: Tsamika Tarragona
ARTIST: Raya Brass Band
CD TITLE: The Train is Now

SONG: De L'Alouette
CD TITLE: Bucket of B Sides
CD LABEL: Definitive Jux

SONG: Straight Line
ARTIST: World Kora Trio
CD TITLE: Korazon
CD LABEL: Cristal Publishing
CD #: PM 773 286

SONG: Ujaheni
ARTISTS: Soul Brothers
CD TITLE: Putumayo: South Africa
CD LABEL: Putumayo