Spain: 5-month-old baby killed in airport baggage carousel accident


The baby died after becoming tangled and trapped in the rollers of a baggage carousel.

Spanish police are investigating the tragic death of a five-month-old baby on a baggage carousel at an airport in the country’s southeast.

It appears the baby’s mother, a US national, placed the child inside a baby carrier on a stationary belt for heavy luggage at Alicante-Elche Airport late Wednesday.

She had flown in from London's Gatwick airport with her baby and another young child. 

The carousel was activated, possibly by the baby's weight, and transported the infant to where bags emerge.

The child was caught in the rollers and died.

Reports said the woman’s Canadian husband was waiting for his wife and two children in the arrivals hall. They were planning a family holiday in the region.

Medical personnel were unable to revive the infant.

Authorities are treating the incident as an accident, but have launched an investigation anyway to determine exactly what happened.

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