Drive-by shooting kills at least 11 in a rural town in Guatemala


At least 11 people are dead in Guatemala after a drive-by shooting in a rural town.


Johan Ordonez

A drive-by shooting in a rural town in Guatemala killed at least 11 people on Satuday.

Nineteen others were injured in the attack in San Jose Nacahuil, a mountain town 11 miles northeast of Guatemala City.

Several children were said to be injured.

The shooters allegedly entered the town by foot and then stole a car to carry out the shooting.

The vehicle was left abandoned outside of the town.

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No arrests had been made by Sunday and the motive for the attack remains unclear. The shooters had apparently been denied a drink at one of the three cantinas that were shot up.

There are apparently no police in the town as villagers burned down the police station in 2007, unhappy with the treatment of officers.

Police had allegedy received an anonymous tip about the attack an hour before it occurred.

Drug gangs are rampant in the small Central American nation and extreme violence is not uncommon.

About 6,000 people are murdered every year in Guatemala.