Woman in San Francisco park run over by city vehicle


A father-daughter sailing duo came to the rescue of a man who jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco on May 20, 2013.


Justin Sullivan

A 35-year-old San Francisco woman lounging in a park with her baby and dog was struck and killed by a park vehicle on Thursday afternoon, in a incident that is being treated as a hit-and-run. 

The woman had come to the Bernal Heights park Thursday with her small family to enjoy the sun when the driver struck her at about 2:20 p.m., reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

She was taken to the hospital with serious injuries and soon died, while custody of the unharmed baby girl was transferred to the child's father. 

The driver appears to have kept going after striking the woman, and was soon apprehended by police, who are checking to see if drugs or alcohol was involved in the incident, writes the San Francisco Examiner.

Locals appeared unsurprised by the incident, expressing their long-standing apprehension of the driving habits of park maintenance crew to local media. 

"I had a couple of incidents when I had to say something," said Peggy Hepa Lobatos to the San Francisco Chronicle, speaking of a specific gardener who locals said was an unsafe driver. "I've noticed that this (gardener) shouldn't be driving so fast. There are people lying out, children from Junipero Serra Elementary School who come here for exercise, and it's a challenge."

“On behalf of the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, I would like to express my deepest condolences to the family and friends of the victim of a tragic accident that occurred at Holly Park this afternoon, said San Francisco Recreation and Parks district General Manager Phil Ginsburg, according to NBC Bay Area.

"This is a devastating day for all. The Recreation and Park Department is cooperating fully with the San Francisco Police Department as they investigate this accident," he added.