Egypt's Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim survives bomb attack (PHOTOS)



Egypt's interior minister Mohamed Ibrahim's convoy was attacked by a bomb on Thursday as he left his residence in Nasr City.


Khaled Desouki

Egypt's interior minister, Mohamed Ibrahim, survived what he described as a "cowardly" attempt to assassinate him in Cairo on Thursday.

An explosion took place near Ibrahim's home in Nasr City, in the northeast of the capital, as he traveled to work around 10:30 a.m., the Associated Press reported

He was unhurt, but at least eight others were said to be injured in the attack, emergency services told Egypt's state-run Ahram news site.

Reuters reported that two of the alleged attackers had been killed by police.

Initial reports claimed that it was a car bomb, but Egypt state television has since reported that the explosive was thrown from a nearby building.

Appearing on state television hours after the explosion, Ibrahim said the bomb appeared to have been remotely detonated, Ahram reported.

He called the blast a "cowardly assassination bid," according to the BBC.

No one has claimed responsibility. An investigation is underway, the Interior Ministry said.

According to Ahram, Nasr City is considered a stronghold of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has suffered a crackdown at the hands of the government in recent months after the ouster of former president Mohamed Morsi.

As interior minister, Ibrahim was directly implicated in in the crackdown, with hundreds of members of the Muslim Brotherhood killed by the police force he commands. It is believed that about 100 members of the security forces have also been killed in sporadic violence.

On Wednesday Ibrahim removed the head of Egypt's prison authority after word that he had allowed meetings between detained Islamists. The move was a part of a wider reshuffle of Egypt's security and investigative leaders in southern Egypt.

Unrest in the governate of Minya has seen churches and government buildings attacked.

Violence also continues in Egypt's Sinai peninsula as Islamist-linked militants have skirmished with authorities.

The military claims that it has killed 20 gunmen and destroyed most of the supply tunnels linking Egypt to Gaza.