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Cat survives being shot through with an arrow

A lucky New York cat is expected to make a full recovery after being shot through with an arrow, as authorities investigate who committed this act of severe animal cruelty. 

The cat was found in a Waterville, New York field ten days ago, and was rushed into a veterinary hospital by the kind-hearted woman who found him, reports the Utica Observer-Dispatch. 

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Two surgeries were required to remove the 27-inch-long arrow from the cat's mid-section, with treatment required to fix lacerations in the stomach, liver, and spleen.

The cat — dubbed Norman — is now doing well at the Waterville Veterinary Clinic, and only needs his stitches removed before he can go home. 

Although a staff member at the clinic has vounteered to adopt the remarkably resilient Norman, a family that recently contacted the clinic suspect the feline may actually be their missing cat, reports 

Police are attempting to figure out who shot the cat, in an effort to solve what is sadly a not unheard of manifestation of animal cruelty. 

In January of this year, a Pennsylvania cat was shot in the head of an arrow while sitting on the porch of its own home, though Mack the cat survived the incident. 

Another cat was shot in the head in 2012 in Michigan near its home, and was able to make a surprising recovery after taking an arrow between the eyes.