New Juarez Cartel leader 'Ugly Betty' arrested in Mexico


Mexican Army soldiers passing by are seen through the bullet-riddled windshield of a truck in Apatzingan, Michoacan State, Mexico, on December 12, 2010. Mexican cartels have recruited US soldiers to carry out contract killing.


Alfredo Estrella

Mexican security forces nabbed the alleged leader of the New Juaraz Cartel on Sunday, marking the third high profile 
drug arrest in as many months.

Alberto Carrillo Fuentes, nicknamed "Ugly Betty," was arrested in the Pacific Coast state of Nayarit. He faces charges of drug trafficking and organized crime.

His brother, Vicente, a former leader of the cartel, is also wanted by police.

Another brother, Amado, led the cartel until his untimely death in 1997.

Nicknamed “Lord of the Skies” for his large fleet of planes used to smuggle cocaine from Colombia to the US, Amado died after undergoing plastic surgery to change his appearance in order to avoid capture.

Authorities caught suspected Zetas leader Miguel Angel Trevino Morales on July 15, followed by alleged Gulf Cartel boss Mario Armando Ramirez Trevino on Aug. 17 amid a longrunning crackdown on drug traffickers and organized crime.

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