Toronto mayor admits to marijuana habit


Toronto mayor Rob Ford in happier times, waving the pan american flag during the Closing Ceremony of the XVI Pan American Games at the Omnilife Stadium on October 30, 2011 in Guadalajara, Mexico.


Dennis Grombkowski

Controversial Toronto mayor Rob Ford has publicly admitted to smoking "a lot" of marijuna in the past, amidst allegations that the city leader has some variety of substance abuse problem. 

"I’ve smoked a lot of it," Ford told a reporter on Wednesday, writes the Toronto Star, leaving out when he had partaken in the plant last. 

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Ford allegedly was portrayed smoking crack cocaine in a video that made serious Canadian media waves earlier in the year — a scandal that has yet to be resolved, following the arrest of the man who attempted to sell the video to journalists. 

Ford emphasized that he did "not use crack cocaine, nor [is he] an addict of crack cocaine," according to CBC — which notes that the current mayor was arrested in Florida in 1999 for impaired driving, and caught with a joint in his back pocket. 

Pot use by Canadian politicians has made headlines this month, after federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau admitted to smoking pot as recently as three years ago, according to the Globe and Mail.

 Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne also admitted to occasional marijuana use 35 years ago, and added that she felt its use was a "personal decision," per the Globe and Mail. 

Canadians are currently debating heartily over the possibility of legalizing marijuana — with some sources estimating an increase in tax revenue of a whopping $7.5 billion annually if such measures are passed.

Here's video of a supposedly exceptionally drunk Rob Ford, back in April: