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Russian military hovercraft startles beach-goers in Kaliningrad (VIDEO)


A Russian hovercraft lands at a beach in Kaliningrad to the surprise of swimmers.



Beach-goers in the Russian port of Kaliningrad had an unexpected surprise this weekend after a military hovercraft crash landed onto the beach.

The massive Zubr-class hovercraft was caught on video barreling towards holiday-makers and coming to a halt in the sand.

The Zubr (Bison) is the largest vessel in its class and weights 550 tons. It can carry up to 400 troops as well as numerous tanks.

The Russian defense ministry brushed aside notions that it crashed into the beach accidentally, instead saying the vessel was participating in maneuvers near the government-owned beach.

Government officials even wondered what all the people were doing there given the beach is in the middle of a firing range.

Kaliningrad is a Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea.