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Photographer Documents Middle Eastern Teenagers


A photo part of the collection, "A Girl in Her Room." (Photo: Rania Matar)


Rania Matar

Lebanese photographer Rania Matar began documenting the rooms of teenage girls in the US and the Middle East after watching her own daughter transform from a pre-teen tomboy to a what she calls a "girly girl."

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She found that her daughter's room gave clues to what was going on within her; it was a sacred space where she could express her changing identity. So Matar decided to embark on a photo project documenting the rooms of girls in the US and in Lebanon. The results became a book, "A Girl and Her Room."

Some these photos are now part of "She Who Tells a Story:Women Photographers from Iran and the Arab World," an exhibit opening Tuesday at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston featuring female photographers from Iran and the Arab world.

Matar stopped by the studio to speak with Marco Werman.