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A star is born, literally (VIDEO)


A telescope in Chile has captured the birth of a star in all its violent, glowing glory.


European Southern Observatory

New images from a high-powered telescope purportedly show the birth of a star.

The ALMA telescope in Chile captured a close-up of the glowing birth with shining, spectacular colors.

The glowing material is called a Herbig-Haro object, named after astronomers who first witnesses the phenomenon, and is 1,400 light-years away from Earth.

“ALMA’s exquisite sensitivity allows the detection of previously unseen features in this source, like this very fast outflow,” Hector Arce with Yale University said in a statement.

“ALMA has made it possible to detect features in the observed outflow much more clearly than previous studies. ALMA will certainly revolutionize the field of star formation."

The video is not necessarily the star but rather the gasses firing from the star at up to 621,000 mph. Their collision with the protostar is what causes the colorful glow.

The ALMA telescope is in one of the driest spots on the planet: Chile's Atacama desert, in the country's north.