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How Kickstarter May Help a Korean American Rapper Explore His Adoption

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Korean rapper "aka DAN" is using Kickstarter to try and connect with family. (Photo: akaDan Kickstarter)

Dan Matthews is a rapper.

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He was adopted from Korea when he was 8 months old and grew up in Southern California as an American kid.

But he was curious about his birth parents.

So after many years of being on the fence about finding them…he wrote a letter to his adoption agency.

He just never thought he’d get this response:

Dear Dan Matthews. I’m writing to share the information of your birth family. As you may be aware your birth parents were married and are still married. they have one son and a daughter. You might also find that you brother Ji Si Young is actually your twin brother.

Dan started a kickstarter campaign to make a film about journeying back to Korea to meet them.