Five Indian soldiers reported killed in Kashmir attack


An Indian Border Security Force (BSF) soldiers patrols along the border fence at an outpost along the India-Pakistan border in Suchit-Garh, 36 kms southwest of Jammu on January 11, 2013. Pakistan summoned the Indian ambassador to protest against "unacceptable and unprovoked" attacks by the Indian army that killed two Pakistani soldiers in five days in Kashmir.



India on Tuesday said five of its soldiers were killed at a border post in Kashmir, a disputed area also claimed by Pakistan, according to Reuters

The violence may imperil possible talks between the two nations.

"This is an extremely unfortunate incident," Indian Junior Home Minister R.P.N. Singh said Tuesday in New Delhi, reported Reuters, adding: "If Pakistan wants to have better relations with India, this is not the way."

It was not clear who was responsible for the deadly attack on the five soldiers, which took place late Monday at a border post in the Poonch area. 

While Pakistani authorities have denied any involvement, the Indo-Asian News Service said some of the attackers were believed dressed in the Pakistani army uniform. 

Indian lawmakers are calling on the authorities to take action. Referring to the five victims, Congress president Sonia Gandhi said: "The entire Congress as indeed the entire country stands by them," insisting that the "government to take appropriate action," reported the Indo-Asian News Service.

Pakistan and India have long been at loggerheads over Kashmir, a predominantly Muslim region claimed by both countries. The area is heavily militarized.

India and Pakistan have also fought three wars since gaining their independence.  But in July, Pakistan's new leader, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, floated dates for fresh talks with India, said Reuters.

It was not immediately clear how, or if, the Kashmir incident will affect further negotiations. 

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