Alligator shot after wolfing down 80-pound husky in North Carolina (VIDEO)


An alligator is seen at National Biodiversity Institute on May 31, 2012 in Heredia, Costa Rica.



North Carolina police on Wednesday shot a giant alligator after it ate an 80-pound Siberian husky, according to local station NCTV.

Jacksonville police fired three rifle rounds into the predator and its carcass was later found to hold the dog's remains. NCTV said some officials event want to put the gator on display — presumably as a warning. 

"I'm not surprised because I live in apartments just across the road and my landlord says there are gators in the water and I always see kids and their parents by the water," Jennifer Simmons of Jacksonville told NCTV

The alligator devoured the dog outside a shopping mall late Tuesday, said the Associated Press.

The owner of the husky, which was not on a leash at the time of the attack, was unhurt. 

Authorities said the alligator was killed because he was considered a threat to the public, reported NCTV.

Watch their video report on it here: