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FIFA announces 2014 Brazil World Cup ticket prices


Players will face off under the sun in Brazil World Cup.


Anne-Christine Poujoulat

SAO PAULO, Brazil — FIFA announced ticket prices for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil on Friday, with a base price for overseas fans set at $90 for initial group matches.

The announcement was made at 10:30 a.m. local time at a news conference with Local Organizing Committee CEO Ricardo Tarde, FIFA Marketing Director Thierry Weil, Deputy Sports Minister Luis Fernandes and two-time World Cup champion Cafu.

The cheapest tickets for overseas fans for the tournament's final match on July 13 will be $440 and the most expensive $990. June 12 opening match tickets are set to start at $220.

For Brazilians, the cheapest tickets of the tournament will go to students, those over 60 and those on social welfare programs for $15. Other Brazilians will pay $30.

Residents of the host nation will have access to at least 400,000 discounted tickets from the publicly available number of about 3 million. About 50,000 of those tickets are reserved for construction workers who were involved in building and upgrading stadiums and grounds for the tournament.

Tickets will go on sale starting August 20 of this year.

The lowest price paid at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa was $20, also for initial group matches in the special category set aside for residents of the host country.

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The World Cup governing body had previously said that tickets in Brazil would be the "cheapest ever."

FIFA will include a map of the grounds that show the location of ticket categories on its website to make sure there are "no surprises" over where fans will be sitting, Weil said.

Fans can request a maximum of four seats per match, and for a maximum of seven matches. FIFA will also run a reselling system for those who end up unable to attend games for which they bought tickets.