A new study shows that tigers in Nepal are staying awake at night to avoid humans in the day.
Credit: Prakash Mathema

Though it might sound like something out of a movie, five men in Sumatra were not likely entertained after finding themselves stuck up a tree for five days while hungry tigers waited for them to fall.

Rescuers finally reached the men in Mount Leuser National Park in Indonesia Monday only after a sixth man had been mauled to death.

Their dire situation may have been karmic. The men were looking for rare agarwood, which is used to make incense and perfume in the tiger-ridden jungle.

The men set traps to catch deer for food but instead caught a tiger cub — a species that is also endangered.

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The cries of the injured cub likely drew bigger relatives, who quickly killed one of the men and chased the rest up trees.

The man who died apparently had made it up a tree, but the branch he was on broke and he plunged into the pack of tigers.

There were reportedly seven tigers under the trees with four leaving before the rescuers arrived.

Nearby villagers tried to help the men but were driven away by the tigers. Authorities finally reached the men five days later and chased the tigers away.

Leuser Park is just over 3,000 square miles and is in the border region of Aceh and North Sumatra provinces in Indonesia. The park contains various protected animals.

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