Four hurt but no one gored in this year's Running of the Bulls


A Miura fighting bull collides with a runner along the Estafeta Street on the third day of the San Fermin running of the bulls on July 8, 2012 in Pamplona, Spain.


Pablo Blazquez Dominguez

The Running of the Bulls, Spain's most iconic and deadly festival, went relatively well in 2013 with only four injuries, no gorings and no fatalities. 

Monday's run lasted for a bit over two minutes, and featured four injuries from falling but no gorings, according to the Associated Press. 

A 24-year-old Australian was badly bruised during the race and is undergoing treatment, wrote The Age, while a 44-year-old Briton, a 26-year-old American and a 36-year-old resident of Pamplona also sustained minor injuries. 

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The Running of the Bulls lasts for a week in the northern Spanish city from July 7 to 14, and involves the daily release into the cobble-stoned streets of six bulls and six steers, who are evaded by packs of white-and-red clad participants. 

This year's festival was briefly delayed, after a huge Basque flag temporarily blocked the starting rocket for the race. 

Sometimes the running of the bulls is a deadly endeavour: in 2009, a 27-year-old Spanish man named Daniel Jimeno Romero was gored to death, hit in the neck and the lung.

In 2003, a 63-year-old Spanish man named Fermin Etxeberri was trampled and died of his injuries, after spending months languishing in a coma. 

And in 1995, a 22-year-old American named Matthew Tassio was gored to death and tossed 23 feet in the air by an angry bull, in an incident grippingly recounted to the BBC by journalist Andrew Walker.