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Ex-Russian spy Anna Chapman proposes to Snowden via Twitter


Anna Chapman, one of a ring of alleged Russian spies unmasked in the US last year. That operation is said to have alerted German police to the presence of foreign agents in Germany.



Former Russian spy Anna Chapman tweeted a marriage proposal to fugitive Edward Snowden on Thursday in what has got to be the weirdest development in this NSA leaker saga.

The viral tweet - "Snowden, will you marry me?" - comes as nations across the world have again and again denied the former Booz Allen defense contractor's asylum requests.

Brazil, India, Italy, France, Austria, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Spain and Switzerland have all closed their nation's door to Snowden, who is still in legal limbo at Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport.

But at least the man on the run from serious charges of espionage for leaking details on classified NSA surveillance programs has one thing to smile about. In a subsequent tweet Chapman asked the NSA if they would look after the spies' future children.

The Wall Street Journal asked Chapman is she was serious about the offer.

“You are welcome to use your imagination,” she said

Chapman, you may recall, possibly from the cover of Maxim magazine, is the daughter of a former Russian diplomat and an ex-Russian spy who became an international sensation after she and nine others were caught in the US and deported.

Now she has seamlessly made difficult transition from secret agent to celebrity model, hosting a TV show called “Secrets of the World.”

And in other Snowden marriage proposal news, Russian opposition activist Maria Baranova offered her hand and heart. 

“I would also like to offer Snowden my heart and mostly my passport! Edward! Marry Me!” she said on Twitter, though according to the Wall Street Journal, she wasn't totally serious. 


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