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Leopard enters Mumbai home, attacks dog (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

A leopard stalked into an apartment complex in a Mumbai suburb and attacked a small dog, dragging it away, video footage shows.

The incident, captured by a home security camera, occurred on June 21 near Sanjay Gandhi National Park, which according to Agence France Press, is home to at least 22 leopards.

Local residents have taken steps to protect against future attacks. 

"We have ... written a letter to the local forest department and the civic authorities, seeking that we raise the height of the building walls to prevent such attacks," said G.P. Lagad, vice-chairman of the local housing society.

This is not the first time a wild leopard has attacked India's house pets. On June 5 in Valparai, a leopard prowled into a residential area and killed a dog.

"We heard some noise at around 3 a.m. and residents spotted the dog's carcass in the morning. It seems the animal struggled a bit before it was killed and eaten," said V. Hamid, chairman of a local co-operative bank.

Watch the video of the Mumbai attack here: