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Michigan family wins fight to keep pet deer Lilly (VIDEO)

A Michigan family has won the fight to keep their pet deer Lilly, who they have been raising for the past five years since they saved her when her pregnant mother was struck by a car outside their home in Flint.

As the mother deer died, she gave birth to Lilly. The family, which has not been named, asked police if they could save the fawn. Officers at the scene approved, but warned them that "she won't last 15 minutes."

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Lilly not only survived, but became part of the family.

But after a neighbor's complaint, the family found out keeping the deer was illegal and they were told they would have to give Lilly up. They argued that removing her was like taking a child away and said that Lilly would be put down since she had never learned to live in the wild.

After several weeks of negotiations, the family reached a deal with Michigan's Department of Natural Resources to keep Lilly as a pet.

"Given Lilly’s unique circumstances, the deal represents the best possible outcome for her continued health and survival," said Genesee County Circuit Judge Val Washington.

Under the agreement, the family will have to apply for an Exhibition Class Permit.